Carbon Mitigation Initiative


Administrators & Communicators

Rajeshri Chokshi Rajeshri Chokshi
Technical Support Specialist

M42 Guyot Hall

Raj manages IT operations and provides technical support for the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Princeton Environmental Institute.

Stacey Chistian Stacey Christian
Business Manager

131 Guyot Hall

Stacey is Business Manager for Princeton Environmental Institute which includes the Carbon Mitigation Initiative research center.

Kristina Corvin Kristina Corvin
Administrative Assistant

100 Eno Hall

Kristina is Assistant to Stephen W. Pacala Co-Director, Carbon Mitigation Initiative

Caitlin Daley Caitlin Daley
Administrative Assistant

132 Guyot Hall

Caitlin is Assistant to Robert H. Socolow, Co-Director, Carbon Mitigation Initiative and Director, Energy Challenge Program.

Kathy Hackett Katharine Hackett
Associate Director, Princeton Environmental Institute

128 Guyot Hall

Kathy is the senior administrator for the Princeton Environmental Institute with oversight of Center research operations, undergraduate/graduate educational programs, outreach, communications and events. She is the Executive Director for the Grand Challenges Program including cooperative programs in Energy, Health and Development.

Axel Haenssen Axel Haenssen
Infrastructure Operations Analyst/Manager I, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

M166 Guyot Hall

Axel manages and oversees the IT group and operations for the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton Environmental Institute and research centers in the U.S., Africa and Central America.

Holly Welles Holly Welles
Manager of Communications and Outreach

144 Guyot Hall

Holly is the Manager of Communications and Outreach for PEI, which includes the Carbon Mitigation Initiative research center. She came to PEI in 2010 having worked previously in the Environmental Policy Group at the Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

Last update: April 06 2016
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