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BP is of one of the world's largest energy companies with operations in more than 100 countries across six continents. The company's main businesses are exploration and production of oil and gas; refining, manufacturing and marketing of oil products and petrochemicals; transportation and marketing of natural gas; and a growing business in renewable, low-carbon and alternative energies, BP Alternative Energy.

BP has a long-track record of investment in research and technology, and has for many years collaborated with scientists, academics, business partners and others to tackle energy challenges. In today's energy industry, where new challenges abound, collaboration between partner organizations has become highly sophisticated.

An integral part of BP's approach has been the establishment and funding of a coordinated program of research activities in premier universities around the world where scientists, governments and business to work in alignment. The CMI program at Princeton University epitomizes that alignment - bringing together the world's best scientists and policy research with the energy and motor industry to better understand the science, policy and technology behind carbon mitigation.

The research program has already had major impact on the world's understanding and policy setting around climate change as well as influencing the development of BP's low carbon technologies and business.

Ford Motor Company was a sponsor of the Carbon Mitigation Initiative from 2000 to 2009. Ford Motor Company designs, develops, manufactures, and services cars and trucks worldwide. As a founding member of the Carbon Mitigation Initiative at Princeton University, Ford was engaged in the study of fundamental scientific, environmental and technical issues related to carbon management.

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