First Year Report 2002

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First Year Report 2002
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Carbon Capture

  • Hydrogen Production from Fossil Fuels
  • Co-sequestration of Sulfur (as H2S or SO2) along with CO2
  • Hydrogen Recovery Factor
  • Hydrogen Backpressure
  • Raffinate Turbine Characteristics
  • Membrane Reactor Operating Temperature
  • Membrane Reactor Integration
  • Collaboration with Tsinghua University
  • Hydrogen Combustion
  • Infrastructure for Transmission of CO2 and H2

Carbon Storage

  • Development and Applications of a Parallel, Multi-Physics Simulator
  • Laboratory and Field Investigations of CO2 Interactions with Geological Materials
  • Potential Escape Pathways and Associated Environmental Effects
  • Hazardous Waste Regulation and the CO2 Regulatory Structure
  • Identification and Analysis of Candidate Field Sites
  • Brine Management and Control of CO2 Migration
  • New Initiative: CO2 Transport through Well Cements

Carbon Science

  • How Much Sequestration is Enough?
  • Oceanic Iron Fertilization and Direct Injection
  • Reducing Fundamental Uncertainty
  • High-Precision Measurement of Atmospheric Oxygen to Quantify Natural Carbon Sources and Sinks
  • Improved Methods to Estimate CO2 Sources and Sinks on Land and in the Oceans
  • The Link between Ice Ages and Atmospheric CO2
  • Climate Change and Land Use

Carbon Policy & Integration

  • Summary