Second Year Report 2003

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Second Year Report 2003
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Carbon Capture

  • Hydrogen Production
  • Markets for H2
  • Hydrogen/CO2 Infrastructures
  • Hydrogen Combustion and Safety
  • Collaboration with Tsinghua University, Beijing

Carbon Storage

  • A Framework for Leakage Estimation
  • Specific Environmental Risks of CO2 Leakage

Carbon Science

  • Natural Carbon Sinks
  • Earth System Model (ESM)
  • Glacial Cycles and Atmospheric CO2
  • Frontier Scouts for Mitigation Technologies

Carbon Policy & Integration

  • Workshop on Integration of New Carbon Cycle Science into Integrated Assessments
  • Quantitative Evaluation of Innovative Allowance Trading Regime for Greenhouse Gas Control
  • Modeling of Optimal Sequestration, Considering Induced Technological Change, Technological Inertia, and Carbon Leakage
  • Analysis of Efficient Policies to Reduce the Risk of Dangerous Interference with the Climate System