Carbon Mitigation Initiative

Fourth Year Report 2005

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Fourth Year Report 2005
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Carbon Capture

  • Fossil-Fuel Based Strategies for Electricity, Hydrogen, and Liquid Fuel Production
  • Biomass-Based Strategies for Electricity and Liquid Fuels Production
  • Hybrid Fossil-Biomass Options for Electricity and Fuels
  • Combustion of Alternative Fuels
  • Future Plans
  • Publications

Carbon Storage

  • Cement Integrity
  • Numerical Simulations
  • Analytical Nodels
  • Future Plans
  • Publications

Carbon Science

  • Detecting CO2 Sources and Sinks
  • Influences on U.S. Ozone Pollution
  • Understanding the Ice Ages
  • Observation of Atmospheric Gases
  • Simulation of Atmosphere-Ocean Fluxes
  • Modeling Ocean Biology and Chemistry
  • Model Development
  • Future Plans
  • Publications

Carbon Policy & Integration

  • Impacts of Overshooting CO2 concentration targets
  • Integrated Assessment Modeling
  • Synthesis and Outreach
  • Future Plans
  • Publications
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