Fifth Year Report 2006

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Fifth Year Report 2006
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  • Executive Summary
    • Evolution of Research
    • The Future
  • CMI in the CCS Community
  • In Memoriam

Carbon Capture

  • Research Highlights
  • Fossil-Fuel Based Strategies for Electricity, Hydrogen, and Liquid Fuel Production
  • Hybrid Fossil-Biomass Options for Electricity and Fuels
  • Wind Energy
  • Combustion of Alternative Fuels
  • Future Plans
    • Catalyzing Widespread Early Action on CCS
    • Integrated Approach to Bioenergy
    • Global Clean Cooking Fuel Initiative
    • Understanding the Competitors to Gasification Energy with CCS
  • Publications

Carbon Storage

  • Research Highlights
  • Cement Integrity
  • Aquifer Simulation
  • Analytical Models
  • Application of Models to a Specific Site in Alberta
  • Deep Aquifer Geochemistry
  • Future Plans
    • Experimental Work
    • Geochemical Modeling
    • Large-Scale Modeling of Leakage Risk
    • Potential Interaction with Field Projects
  • Publications

Carbon Science

  • Science Highlights
  • Observational Evidence of Current CO2 Uptake and Ecosystem Fertility
  • Evaluating Ocean Models with Observations
  • Inversion Modeling of Current CO2 Sources and Sinks
  • The Future of the Ocean Carbon Sink
  • The Future of the Land Sink
  • Understanding the Ice Ages
  • Carbon Cycle Model Development
  • Natural and Anthropogenic Influences on U.S. Ozone Pollution
  • Future Plans
    • Carbon Observing System
    • Paleoclimate
    • Geoengineering "Truth Squad"
  • Publications

Carbon Policy & Integration

  • Highlights
  • Environmental and Economic Impacts of Anthropogenic Emissions
  • Risk Management of Uncertain Climate Thresolds
  • The Role of Carbon Sequestration in Efficient Carbon Management Portfolios
  • Purchase of a Public Good
  • Below-Ground Volumes for Lifetime Storage of CO2 from Power Plants
  • Synthesis and Outreach
  • Future Plans
    • Deepening the Analysis of Stabilization Wedges
    • Assessing the Design of Climate Observation Systems
    • Predicting Impacts and Improving Decision-Making
  • Publications