Carbon Mitigation Initiative

Seventh Year Report 2008

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Seventh Year Report 2008
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Carbon Capture

  • Toward Early CCS Action in the US
  • Making Fuels and Electricity from Mixed Prairie Grasses and Coal
  • Coal to Liquids Working Group of the Western Governors Association
  • Energy in China
  • Collaboration with Politecnico di Milano
  • Wind Energy and Compressed Air Energy Storage
  • Combustion of Alternative Fuels
  • Future Plans
  • Publications

Carbon Storage

  • Leakage Potential of Existing Wells
  • Large-Scale Modeling of Leakage Risks
  • Targeted Field Experiments
  • Future Plans
  • Publications

Carbon Science

  • Carbon Observing System
  • Paleoclimate
  • Impacts of Geoengineering
  • Future Plans
  • Publications

Carbon Policy & Integration

  • Synthesis and Outreach
  • Linking Air Pollution and Climate Change
  • Assessing and Improving the Utility of Climate Observation Systems
  • Future Plans
  • Publications
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