Carbon Mitigation Initiative

Eighth Year Report 2009
Carbon Policy & Integration: Publications

Chakravarty, S., A. Chikkatur, H. de Coninck, S. Pacala, R. Socolow, M. Tavoni, "Climate Policy Based on Individual Emissions," submitted for publication in Science.

Crutzen, P., and M. Oppenheimer, "Learning about ozone depletion." Climatic Change, 89:143–154, 2008.

Mignone, B.K., R. Socolow, J. L. Sarmiento, and M. Oppenheimer. "Atmospheric Stabilization and the Timing of Carbon Mitigation," Climatic Change, Volume 88, Numbers 3-4, 2008.

Oppenheimer, M. B. O’Neill, and M. Webster, "Negative learning," Climatic Change, 89:155–172, 2008.

Socolow, R., "Sustainable Wedges and Climate Change." In D. Hafemeister, B. Levi, M. Levine and P. Schwartz, eds., Physics of Sustainable Energy: Using Energy Efficiently and Producing It Renewably. American Institute of Physics (AIP) Conference Proceedings, Volume 1044, pp. 28-48, 2008.

Xu, Y., R. Williams, and R. Socolow, "China’s rapid deployment of SO2 scrubbers," Submitted for publication in Energy and Environmental Science.

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