Eighth Year Report 2009 Carbon Storage

The Carbon Storage Effort is conducted by the Scherer-Prevost Group, the Celia Group, and the Peters Group. The Storage Group of CMI works to understand the possible risks of CO2 leakage from underground storage, particularly through existing wells.

Highlights of this year's progress include:

  • Acquisition of new tools for preparing and analyzing well cement samples.
  • Completion of an improved flash calculation that allows Dynaflow to simulate phase changes that would occur during leakage of CO2 up a well.
  • Development of a hybrid analytical-numerical model and a new web interface for largescale injection models.
  • Development a novel image analysis method to quantify the accessibility of minerals to formation fluids in sedimentary sandstones.
  • Submission of a proposal for an underground research laboratory for simulating CO2 leakage.

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