Carbon Mitigation Initiative

Eleventh Year Annual Report:
Low-Carbon Energy Publications

Guo, X., G. Liu and E.D. Larson. "High octane gasoline production by upgrading low-temperature Fischer-Tropsch syncrude." Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 50(16), 9743- 9747, 2011.

Krieger, E.M., and C.B. Arnold. "Effects of undercharge and internal loss on the rate dependence of battery charge storage efficiency." J. Power Sources. Submitted.

Lanzini, A., T.G. Kreutz and E. Martelli. "Techno-Economic Analysis of Integrated Gasification Fuel Cell Power Plants Capturing CO2." American Society of Mechanical Engineers paper GT2012-69579 to be presented at ASME Turbo Expo 2012, Copenhagen, DK, June 2012.

Larson, E.D., and Z. Li (Co- Convening Lead Authors), R.H. Williams (Lead Author), and T. Fleisch, G. Liu, G. Nicolaides, X. Ren (Contributing Authors), "Fossil Energy Systems." In: The Global Energy Assessment (Chapter 12) Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. Forthcoming.

Liu, G., E.D. Larson, R.H. Williams, T.G. Kreutz, and X. Guo. "Making Fischer-Tropsch Fuels and Electricity from Coal and Biomass: Performance and Cost Analysis." Energy and Fuels, DOI: 10.1021/ef101184e, 25(1), 415-437, 2011.

Martelli, E., T.G. Kreutz, M. Carbo, S. Consonni, and D. Jansen. "Shell Coal IGCCs with Carbon Capture: Conventional Gas Quench vs. Innovative Configurations," Applied Energy, 88: 3978-3989, 2011.

Martelli, E., T.G. Kreutz, M. Gatti, P. Chiesa and S. Consonni. "Design Criteria and Optimization of Heat Recovery Steam Cycles for High- Efficiency, Coal-Fired, Fischer- Tropsch Plants." American Society of Mechanical Engineers paper GT2012-69661 to be presented at ASME Turbo Expo 2012, Copenhagen, DK, June 2012.

Peabody, C. and C.B. Arnold. "The role of mechanically induced separator creep in Lithium ion battery capacity fade" J. Power Sources, 196, 8147-8153, 2011.

Skone, T.J. (Project Lead), D.T. Allen, C.Allport, K. Atkins, D. Baniszewski, D.G. Choi, J.S. Cooper, A. Curtright, R.M. Dilmore, R.S. Eckard, A. Elgowiny, W. Gillette, W.M. Griffin, W.E. Harrison III, J.I. Hileman, S. Kennedy, E. Larson, A. Levy, K. Lewis, J. Marriott, D.J. Morgan, C.F. Murphy, M.A. Nippert, M. Pearlson, G. Rhoads, G. Schivley, R.W. Stratton, T.Tarka, P.H. Taylor, V.M. Thomas, M.Q. Wang, and H. Willis. "Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Analysis of Advanced Jet Propulsion Fuels: Fischer-Tropsch Based SPK-1 Case Study." AFRL-RZ-WP-TR-2011- 2138, Air Force Research Lab, Propulsion Directorate, Wright- Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, September 2011.

Turkenburg, W. (Convening Lead Author), E.D. Larson and others (Lead Authors), "Renewable Energy Systems," In: The Global Energy Assessment (Chapter 11), Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. Forthcoming.

Williams, R.H., G. Liu, T.G. Kreutz, and E.D. Larson. "Biomass and coal to fuels and power." Annual Review of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, 2, 529-553, 2011. Williams, R.H., G. Liu, E.D. Larson, and T.G. Kreutz. "Low-C power from fossil fuel and biomass with synthetic fuels coproduction." Paper prepared for ACS Fuel Division Symposium on Fuels, Chemicals, Materials, and Energy from Biomass, Coal, and Natural Resources, Anaheim California, 27- 31, March 2011.

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