Eleventh Year Annual Report: Carbon Policy & Integration

The Policy & Integration Group conducts policy-relevant research and synthesizes CMI research for dissemination to broader audiences. The PI's of the group are Alexander Glaser, Michael Oppenheimer, Stephen Pacala, and Robert Socolow.


Stabilization Wedges & Other Community Tools

  • The Stabilization Wedges concept has been elaborated upon and updated in a new article entitled "Wedges Reaffirmed."
  • The Stabilization Wedges concept continues to be a sought-after tool for education in the broader community.
  • A game theoretic model suggests that cooperation and foresight can increase the rate of decline of renewable energy prices.
  • An effort is underway to develop open-source energy economics models for India.

Assessing Mitigation Options

  • A new project explores the implications of large-scale deployment of small modular nuclear reactors, with a particular focus on economics, nuclear waste generation, and proliferation risk.
  • The costs and challenges of capturing CO2 directly from the air have been explored in an APS study co-chaired by Mike Desmond of BP and Robert Socolow.

Communicating Uncertainty

  • An analysis of the IPCC approach to communicating climate risks calls for increased transparency regarding disagreements among authors.
  • An initial demonstration of a new sea-level rise assessment methodology suggests that sea level rise from Antarctica of greater than 40 cm by 2100 is extremely unlikely.
  • A model with fully coupled ice stream and ocean dynamics shows a qualitatively different ice response to ocean temperature than that seen in static ice models.

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