Carbon Mitigation Initiative

Seventeenth Annual Report

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Annual Report 2017
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  • Introduction

  • CMI Science
    • Robotic Floats Challenge Previous Estimates of the Southern Ocean Carbon Sink
    • Projecting Tropical Cyclone Intensification
    • Surface Gravity Waves in Climate Modeling
    • Effects of Ocean Acidification on N2-Fixing Cyanobacteria
    • Modeling the Formation and Extent of Coastal Polynyas
    • Representing Plant Behaviorin Climate Models
    • Simulating Human Water Management Practices in a Climate Model
    • Resolving the Physics of Soil Carbon Storage
    • The CMI Methane Project: Wetland, Atmospheric, and Terrestrial Methane Cycles

  • CMI Technology
    • Fate of Fracking Fluids in Shale-Gas Systems
    • Understanding Long-Term Battery Behavior Through Fundamental Crystal Growth
    • Mid-Century Advanced Biofuel Potential for the US: A Thought Experiment

  • CMI Integration
    • Modeling Current and Future Heat Waves Across US Cities
    • Lull Analysis to Characterize Windpower Intermittency

  • Acknowledgments

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