Carbon Mitigation Initiative

Ninth Year Annual Report: Carbon Policy & Integration

The Integration Group, composed of the Socolow Group and the Oppenheimer Group, investigates challenges to implementing carbon mitigation efforts and seeks creative solutions to resolve stakeholder conflicts. The group also works to disseminate CMI research results through public service in the policy realm and outreach to lay audiences.


  • A new paper proposing an "individual emissions cap" is gaining recognition and is the focus of a new outreach effort.
  • A study of sulfur dioxide scrubber deployment in China shows the country's capacity for achieving tough environmental goals.
  • New work on the prediction of air travel demand quantifies the relationship between income and flying and projects large growth in demand for developing countries.
  • Co-Directors Socolow and Pacala are working to shape carbon mitigation policy at the national level by leading committees on emissions monitoring and air capture of CO2.
  • CMI's re-designed website has made research results and outreach materials much more accessible to the public.

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Last update: February 17 2011
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