Carbon Mitigation Initiative

Ninth Year Annual Report: Carbon Storage

The Carbon Storage Effort is conducted by the Scherer-Prévost Group, the Celia Group, and the Debenedetti Group. The Storage Group of CMI works to understand the challenges of underground storage of carbon dioxide, whether injected in saline aquifers or locked in a solid gas hydrate.


  • Time-lapse movies are providing superior kinetic data on cement corrosion
  • Improvements in the Dynaflow simulator are improving accuracy and widening applicability of the model
  • An underground laboratory for studying CO2 storage on realistic length scales has been funded and is in the planning stages
  • Large-spatial-scale models of CO2 injection have been extended to simulate processes important on longer timescales, including capillary trapping and convective mixing
  • Joint BP-Princeton work on field experiments continues to provide critical data for well leakage estimation
  • Innovative molecular simulations are illuminating controls on CO2 hydrate formation and stability

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Last update: February 17 2011
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