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Bibliography - I. Rodriguez-Iturbe

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    [ Abstract PDF ]
  2. Nordbotten, Jan M., I. Rodriguez-Iturbe, and Michael Celia, 2007: Stochastic Coupling of Rainfall and Biomass Dynamics In , 43(W01408), doi:10.1029/2006WR005068
    [ Abstract ]
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    [ Abstract ]
  4. Nordbotten, Jan M., I. Rodriguez-Iturbe, and Michael Celia, 2006: Non-uniqueness of Evapotranspiration due to Spatial heterogeneity of Plant Species. Proceedings of The Royal Society of London, 462(2072), doi:10.1098/rspa.2005.1641 2359-2371
    [ Abstract ]
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    [ Abstract ]
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    [ Abstract ]
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    [ Abstract ]
  8. Rodriguez-Iturbe, I., 2000: Ecohydrology: A Hydrologic Perspective of Climate-Soil-Vegetation Dynamics. Water Resources Research,, 36(1), 3-9
    [ Abstract ]

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