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Bibliography - E. D. Galbraith

  1. Duteil, O., W. Koeve, A. Oschlies, O. Aumont, D. Bianchi, L. Bopp, E. D. Galbraith, R. J. Matear, J. K. Moore, Jorge Sarmiento, and Joachim Segschneider, 2012: Preformed and regenerated phosphate in ocean general circulation models: can right total concentrations be wrong? Biogeosciences, 9, doi:10.5194/bg-9-1797-2012 1979-1807
    [ Abstract ]
  2. Galbraith, E. D., E. Y. Kwon, A. Gnanadesikan, K. B. Rodgers, Stephen M. Griffies, D. Bianchi, Jorge Sarmiento, J. P. Dunne, J. Simeon, R. D. Slater, Andrew T. Wittenberg, and I. Held, 2011: Climate Variability and Radiocarbon in the CM2Mc Earth System Model. Journal of Climate, American Meteorological Society, doi:10.1175/2011JCLI3919.1
    [ Abstract ]
  3. Rodgers, K. B., S. E. Mikaloff-Fletcher, D. Bianchi, C. Beaulieu, E. D. Galbraith, A. Gnanadesikan, A. G. Hogg, D. Iudicone, B. R. Lintner, T. Naegler, P. J. Reimer, Jorge Sarmiento, and R. D. Slater, 2011: Interhemispheric gradient of atmospheric radiocarbon reveals natural variability of Southern Ocean winds. Climate of the Past, European Geosciences Union, 7, doi:10.5194/cp-7-1123-2011 1123-1138
    [ Abstract ]
  4. Jaccard, S. L., E. D. Galbraith, Daniel Sigman, and G. H. Haug, 2010: A pervasive link between Antarctic ice core and subarctic Pacific sediment records over the past 800 kyrs. Quaternary Science Reviews, 29, doi:10.1016/j.quascirev.2009.10.007 206-212
    [ Abstract ]
  5. Jaccard, S. L., E. D. Galbraith, Daniel Sigman, G. H. Haug, R. Francois, T. F. Pedersen, P. Dulski, and H. R. Thierstein, 2009: Subarctic Pacific evidence for a glacial deepening of the oceanic respired carbon pool. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 277, doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2008.10.017 156-165
    [ Abstract ]
  6. Galbraith, E. D., S. L. Jaccard, T. F. Pedersen, Daniel Sigman, G. H. Haug, M. S. Cook, J. R. Southon, and R. Francois, 2007: Carbon dioxide release from the North Pacific abyss during the last deglaciation. Nature, doi:10.1038/nature06227 890-893
    [ Abstract ]

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