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Bibliography - J. Dushoff

  1. Lichstein, J W., J. Dushoff, Kiona Ogle, Anping Chen, D. W. Purves, J. P. Caspersen, and Stephen W. Pacala, 2010: Unlocking the forest inventory data: relating individual tree performance to unmeasured environmental factors. Ecological Applications, (20(3)), doi:10.1890/08-2334.1 684-699
    [ Abstract ]
  2. Strigul, N., D. Pristinski, D. W. Purves, J. Dushoff, and Stephen W. Pacala, 2008: Scaling from Trees to Forests: Tractable Macroscopic Equations for Forest Dynamics. Ecological Monographs, 78(4), doi:10.1890/08-0082.1 523-525
    [ Abstract ]
  3. Lichstein, J W., J. Dushoff, S. A. Levin, and Stephen W. Pacala, 2007: Intraspecific variation and species coexistence. American Naturalist, 170(6), doi:10.1086/522937 807-818
    [ Abstract ]
  4. Purves, D. W., and J. Dushoff, 2005: Directed seed dispersal and metapopulation response to habitat loss and disturbance: application to Eichhornia paniculata. Journal of Ecology, 93(4), doi:10.1111/j.1365-2745.2005.00988.x 658-669
    [ Abstract ]

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