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Bibliography - B. G. Brunelle

  1. Brunelle, B. G., Daniel Sigman, S. L. Jaccard, L. D. Keigwin, B. Plessen, G. Schettler, M. S. Cook, and G. H. Haug, 2010: Glacial/interglacial changes in nutrient supply and stratification in the western. Quaternary Science Reviews, Elsevier, (29), doi:10.1016/j.quascirev.2010.03.010 2579-2590
    [ Abstract ]
  2. Brunelle, B. G., Daniel Sigman, M. S. Cook, L. D. Keigwin, G. H. Haug, B. Plessen, G. Schettler, and S. L. Jaccard, 2007: Evidence from diatom-bound nitrogen isotopes for Subarctic Pacific stratification during the last ice age and a link to North Pacific denitrification changes. Paleoceanography, 22(PA1215), doi:10.1029/2005PA001205
    [ Abstract ]
  3. Robinson, R. S., B. G. Brunelle, and Daniel Sigman, 2004: Revisiting nutrient utilization in the glacial Antarctic: Evidence from a new method for diatom-bound N isotopic analysis. Paleoceanography, 19(PA3001), doi:10.1029/2003PA000996
    [ Abstract ]

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