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Bibliography - A. Rosati

  1. Griffies, Stephen M., M. Winton, Whit G. Anderson, Rusty Benson, T. L. Delworth, Carolina Dufour, J. P. Dunne, Paul Goddard, R. Murnane, Adele K Morrison, A. Rosati, Andrew T. Wittenberg, J. H. Yin, and Rong Zhang, February 2015: Impacts on Ocean Heat from Transient Mesoscale Eddies in a Hierarchy of Climate Models. Journal of Climate, Boston, MA, American Meteorological Society, 28, doi:10.1175/JCLI-D-14-00353.1 952–977
    [ Abstract PDF ]
  2. Delworth, T. L., A. J. Broccoli, A. Rosati, R. J. Stouffer, V. Balaji, J. A. Beesley, W. F. Cooke, K. W. Dixon, J. P. Dunne, K. A. Dunne, J. Durachta, and K. L. Findell, et al., 2006: GFDL’s CM2 Global Coupled Climate Models. Part 1: Formulation and Simulation Characteristics. Journal of Climate, 19, doi:10.1175/JCLI3629.1 643-674
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