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Bibliography - S.C.B. Myneni

  1. Reina, R., A. C. Leri, and S.C.B. Myneni, 2004: Cl K-edge X-ray Spectroscopic Investigation of Enzymatic Formation of Organochlorines in Weathering Plant Material. Environmental Science and Technology, 38(3), doi:10.1021/es0347336 783-789
    [ Abstract ]
  2. Bruant, R., D. E. Giammar, S.C.B. Myneni, and Catherine A. Peters, October 2002: Effect of pressure, temperature, and aqueous carbon dioxide concentration on mineral weathering as applied to geologic storage of carbon dioxide. Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies (GHGT-6),,
    [ Abstract ]
  3. Myneni, S.C.B., 2002: Formation of stable chlorinated hydrocarbons in weathering plant material. Science, 295, doi:10.1126/science.1067153 1039-1041
    [ Abstract ]
  4. Myneni, S.C.B., 2002: Soft X-ray spectroscopy and spectromicroscopy studies of organic molecules in the environment. Rev. Mineral. Geochem. Appl of Synchrotron Radiation in Low-Temp Geochemistry and Env Science, 49, doi:10.2138/gsrmg.49.1.485 485-579
    [ Abstract ]

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