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Bibliography - K. L. Casciotti

  1. Casciotti, K. L., Daniel Sigman, M. G. Hastings, J. K. Böhlke, and A. Hilkert, 2002: Measurement of the oxygen isotopic composition of nitrate in seawater and freshwater using the denitrifier method. Analytical Chemistry, 74(19), doi:10.1021/ac020113w 4905-4912
    [ Abstract ]
  2. Sigman, Daniel, and K. L. Casciotti, 2001: Nitrogen isotopes in the ocean. Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences, London, Academic Press, doi:10.1006/rwos.2001.0172 1884-1894
    [ Abstract ]
  3. Sigman, Daniel, K. L. Casciotti, M. Andreani, C. Barford, M. Galanter, and J. K. Böhlke, 2001: A bacterial method for the nitrogen isotopic analysis of nitrate in seawater and freshwater. Analytical Chemistry, 73(17), doi:10.1021/ac010088e 4145-4153
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