Annual Reports

  • Seventeenth Year Annual Report 2018
    New research on methane sources and sinks in the atmosphere and on land is underway along with the study of surface waves at the interface between the atmosphere and ocean waters. Both of these new initiatives add to the reporting on ongoing efforts to identify risks and opportunities posed by the carbon program.
  • Sixteenth Year Annual Report 2017
    During 2016, CMI research efforts continued improving the understanding of carbon sinks in the ocean and on land, enhancing prediction of extreme weather under climate change, and  explored means for reaching carbon neutrality.
  • Fifteenth Year Annual Report 2016
    The hallmark of CMI’s research is connectivity across science, technology, and policy to offer an integrated assessment of Earth system science, carbon mitigation options, and societal responses. In this report, each investigator or teams of investigators featured one research highlight from 2015 and provided context for the work.
  • Fourteenth Year Annual Report 2015
    2014 marked another renewal of CMI carrying the program forward through 2020 including a growing component to address climate variability, advancing research in energy conversion with CO2 capture and storage, and introducing new conceptual frameworks to inform climate change policy.
  • Thirteenth Year Annual Report 2014
    From the future fate of carbon sinks to strategies for making “negative emission” transportation fuels, CMI research in 2013 closed in on answers to old questions and also applied existing tools to new problems.
  • Twelfth Year Annual Report 2013
    After an infusion of new faculty in 2011, CMI has an even stronger program with new areas of research that complement established efforts.
  • Eleventh Year Annual Report 2012
    2011 was a year of growth for CMI. Long-term members continued to refine and apply tools developed in our first decade to better understand CO2 capture and storage, natural carbon sinks, and carbon policy, while also striking out in new directions. At the same time, new faculty members have joined the CMI community with projects that complement and extend existing research.
  • Tenth Year Annual Report 2011
    Over its first decade, CMI has accomplished many of its original goals by creating tools to address critical questions about the efficacy and cost of carbon capture and storage and the impacts of climate change on natural carbon sinks.
  • Ninth Year Annual Report 2010
    Now entering our 10th year, CMI is both producing important results in original research areas and expanding into new territory. At the same time, our researchers are taking on important external projects to accelerate mitigation research and inform climate policy.
  • Eighth Year Report 2009
    The eighth year of the Carbon Mitigation Initiative was marked by BP's decision to commit to the funding of CMI through 2015, a five-year extension that has enabled a deepening of commitment toward CMI research efforts.
  • Seventh Year Report 2008
    We continue to enter the global discussion of global climate change through several portals, and our effectiveness as participants increases with our experience and staying power. Dramatic changes in Washington in 2007 made our work more valued close to home, and a much broader acceptance of tough global mitigation goals around the world made our work more pertinent than ever.
  • Sixth Year Report 2007
    Our co-sponsors, BP and Ford, renewed the CMI grant for four more years, and BP announced that it will also sponsor a "Vann Fellows" program.
  • Fifth Year Report 2006
    Having established roots in multiple departments around the University, we now have a mature research program with a strong core group of mitigation experts.
  • Fourth Year Report 2005
    Following on our three-year review last November, Year Four of the Carbon Mitigation Initiative has been a period of growth and refocusing. The research groups of CMI have continued exploring their core subjects, but have also added new research directions.
  • Third Year Report 2004
    The group has grown to include more than 60 University researchers including 17 faculty members in six departments.
  • Second Year Report 2003
    Year Two of the Carbon Mitigation Initiative was a year of consolidation and cohesion.
  • First Year Report 2002
    CMI initiated a research program on the capture, storage, science, and policy of carbon mitigation together with a structure of governance to direct and coordinate research and outreach.