Research Staff & Students

  • Rajeshri Chokshi

    Rajeshri Chokshi

    Technical Support Specialist

     M42 Guyot Hall

    Raj manages IT operations and provides technical support for the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Princeton Environmental Institute.

  • Stacey Christian

    Stacey Christian

    Business Manager

     131 Guyot Hall

    Stacey is Business Manager for Princeton Environmental Institute which includes the Carbon Mitigation Initiative research center.

  • Kristina Corvin

    Kristina Corvin

    Administrative Assistant

     100 Eno Hall

    Kristina is Assistant to Stephen W. Pacala Co-Director, Carbon Mitigation Initiative

  • Caitlin Daley

    Caitlin Daley

    Administrative Assistant

     132 Guyot Hall

    Caitlin is Assistant to Robert H. Socolow, Co-Director, Carbon Mitigation Initiative and Director, Energy Challenge Program.

  • Katharine Hackett

    Katharine Hackett

    Executive Director

    Princeton Environmental Institute

     128 Guyot Hall

    Kathy is the senior administrator for the Princeton Environmental Institute with oversight of Center research operations, undergraduate/graduate educational programs, outreach, communications and events. She is the Executive Director for the Grand Challenges Program including cooperative programs in Energy, Health and Development.

  • Holly Welles

    Holly Welles

    Program Manager, Carbon Mitigation Initiative

     141 Guyot Hall

    Holly manages the administrative, communications, and reporting functions for the Carbon Mitigation Initiative including working with the Co-Directors, Principal Investigators, and BP executives to address strategic issues pertaining to the program’s overall objectives and communication requirements. She recently served as the Communications and Outreach Manager for the Princeton Environmental Institute.