Alumni Administrators & Communicators

  • Susan Allen

    Susan Allen

    Administrative Assistant (2007-2010)
    Assistant Grants Manager, 
    Department of Molecular Biology

    Susan coordinated news items, events, meetings, and lectures for the Carbon Mitigation Initiative and was Administrative Assistant to CMI Co-Director Robert H. Socolow.

  • Anna Colasante

    Anna Colasante

    Administrative Assistant

    Anna was Assistant to Robert H. Socolow, Co-Director, Carbon Mitigation Initiative and Director, Energy Challenge Program.

  • Ranveig Jakobsen

    Ranveig Jakobsen

    Administrative Assistant

    Ranveig was Assistant to Stephen W. Pacala, Director, Princeton Environmental Institute and Co-Director, Carbon Mitigation Initiative. She retired from the University in January 2010.
  • William Layton

    William Layton

    Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations (2005-2009)

    Building sustained research partnerships with industry and private foundations.

  • Pascale Maloof Poussart

    Pascale Maloof Poussart

    Assistant Director, Energy Initiatives (2008-2012)

    Director of Undergraduate Research, Office of the Dean of the College

     E009 Baker Hall, Whitman College

    As Assistant Director of Energy Initiatives at the Princeton Environmental Institute, Pascale managed activities related to the Carbon Mitigation Initiative and coordinated academic and research projects on climate and energy as part of the Energy Challenge program. Pascale received her Ph.D. from Harvard University in 2004 where she conducted geochemical research on tropical carbon cycling and the global climate system.