BP-Vann Visiting Fellows

Established in 2007 as a tribute to BP's most renowned exploration scientist, Ian Vann, the BP-Vann Visiting Fellows Program provided the opportunity for several of BP's most talented and distinguished executives to explore the frontiers of knowledge in science, engineering, and public policy while tapping into the vast resources of Princeton University. Participants in the BP-Vann Visiting Fellows Program engaged with Princeton faculty, researchers, and students in the academic setting on research projects, in the classroom, and in the lecture halls, contributing to enriched discussions of complex energy and environment-related issues. The BP-Vann Program further expanded on BP's commitment to the Carbon Mitigation Initiative collaboration at Princeton with a goal of leading the path of discovery to a sustainable energy future.

Former BP-Vann Visiting Fellows

Mike J. Smith Mike J. Smith
Winter/Spring 2010 BP-Vann Visiting Fellow

Kate Hadley Baker Kate Hadley Baker
Fall/Winter 2009-2010 BP-Vann Visiting Fellow

Ian R. Vann Ian R. Vann
Fall/Winter 2007-2008 BP-Vann Visiting Fellow