Carbon Mitigation Initiative

Carbon Mitigation Initiative Hosted 10th Annual Meeting April 12-13, 2011

Meeting Participants Discuss Program's Accomplishments in First 10 Years and Plans
for the Work Ahead

Meeting participants. (Photo: Denise Applewhite)
Thomas Kreutz, Energy Systems Modeler, PEI (left) and Professor Zheng Li of Tsinghua University. (Photo: Denise Applewhite)
Meeting participants. (Photo: Denise Applewhite)
Ellen Williams, Chief Scientist at BP presenting the 2011 CMI Best Paper Award to Professor Zheng Li of Tsinghua University, accepting on behalf of award recipient Dr. Guangjian Liu. (Photo: Andrew Wilkinson)
Stephen Pacala (left), CMI Co-Director, with David Nagel, Head of BP America's Washington, D.C Office and Executive Vice president of BP America. (Photo: Andrew Wilkinson)

Building upon ten years of established research, renewed funding from BP to 2015, and on the rising level of campus-wide interest in energy and sustainability research, members of the Carbon Mitigation Initiative program gathered for the CMI 10th Annual Meeting on April 12 and 13, 2011, at Princeton University. Over 70 participants attended the two-day event including Princeton faculty and students, colleagues from BP, Harvard's Energy Technology Innovation Policy Program (ETIP), Tsinghua BP Clean Energy Research and Education Center and members of the CMI Advisory Council.

At the meeting, CMI members reflected on the program's accomplishments to date and plans to leverage existing capabilities with synergistic activities across campus. Participants shared research findings in climate science, carbon capture and storage and policy as well as contributions to the wider community. Invited panelists from academia, government and industry discussed the current and future prospects of CCS policy and regulation as well as environmental opportunities and challenges for unconventional fuels in North America during two deep dive sessions convened at the meeting.

At a reception on April 12, Ellen Williams, Chief Scientist at BP, announced the recipient of the 2011 CMI Best Paper Award for Postdoctoral Fellows. Williams named Guangjian Liu, a Postdoctoral Fellow with the CMI carbon capture group from 2008 to 2010 and now Assistant Professor at the North China Electric Power University, as recipient of this year's award. The selected paper "Making Fischer-Tropsch Fuels and Electricity from Coal and Biomass: Performance and Cost Analysis" offers original contributions to this set of technologies and their potential for carbon mitigation. It was published in Energy & Fuels in December of 2010. Professor Zheng Li of Tsinghua University accepted the award on behalf of Dr. Liu.

Led by CMI Co-Directors Stephen Pacala and Robert Socolow since its formation in 2000, CMI aims to integrate scientific understanding with technological and policy expertise.

For additional information about CMI, see the newly released CMI 2010 annual report.

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