Carbon Mitigation Initiative

2004 News Archives

Delays in Cutting Greenhouse Gasses Could Harm Environment

Catch the Wind, Change the Weather

Weather Hots Up Under Wind Farms

New Trees Cancel Out Air Pollution Cuts

U.S. Eyes Burying CO2 to Battle Climate Change

Study: Emission of Smog Ingredients from Trees is Increasing Rapidly

Technology Already Exists to Stabilize Global Warming

Initiative Integrates Science, Technology and Policy Expertise

Plan to Limit Emissions of Carbon Dioxide Mapped

Stabilizing the Global 'Greenhouse' May Not be so Hard

Study says U.S. Shouldn't Wait to Curb Carbon Emissions

How to Save the World, in Fifteen Easy Steps

Ways Exists to Halt Global Warming, say Scientists

Research Takes Aim at Carbon

Will Well Cements Prevent Carbon Leaks?

Alarm Sounded on Global Warming

Climate Change Warning

Candidates Can't Hide from Climate Change

Research Aims to Clear the Air

Professors Partner with BP, Ford to explore CO2 Emissions

Carbon Mitigation Initiative Earns Second Round of Funding

Land Cover Changes Affect U.S. Summer Climate

Gas Guzzlers

Ocean Life Depends on Single Circulation Pattern in Southern Hemisphere

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