Carbon Mitigation Initiative

2009 News Articles

Scientists Map Speed of Climate Change

The Road From Copenhagen

Examining the Copenhagen Accord

Celebrate Princeton Invention: Craig Arnold

Climate Talks Make Way for a Design Show

Study: Earth's Polar Ice Sheets Vulnerable to Even Moderate Global Warming

Jorge L. Sarmiento Receives 2009 Roger Revelle Medal

Q&A With Michael Levi on the Copenhagen Conference

Going Underground for a Climate Solution

Hydrogen From Coal + CCS with Energy Penalty Just 7 Percent

How Much Climate Aid Is Enough?

Climate Central's New Book: What You Need to Know: Twenty Questions and Answers About Climate Change

Congress Celebrates Space Exploration and State of the Society

Perspective On: Climate Change

UN Climate Change Conference
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Scientists, Journalists Join Forces: Offer New Web Site Timed to COP15

Breaking the Climate Stalemate? co-authored by Valentina Bosetti and Massimo Tavoni

Researchers Stand By Climate Change Science

Scientists Respond to "Climategate" E-Mail Controversy

Interview with Michael Oppenheimer on Climate Change

New Climate Targets May Not Change Daily Life Much

A Force to Fight Global Warming

Storm Clouds Gather Over Leaked Climate E-Mails

Carbon Capture and Storage: A Bridge to a Low-Carbon Future (Video)

Fossil Fuel CO2 Emissions Up by 29 Percent Since 2000 (full citation)

The Personal Carbon Footprint Makes Time Magazine's 50 Best Inventions of 2009 List

Climate Central work cited in More Record Highs and Far Fewer Lows

The Climate Race: How Global Warming is Already Affecting Us and the Tough Choices We Have to Make
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Michael Oppenheimer cited in article Campaign Against Emissions Picks Number

Scientists: Biofuel Laws May Harm Environment
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Study: Accounting Error Undermines Climate Change Laws
Michael Oppenheimer co-authors article published in the journal Science (full citation)

Climate Central Reports: In Greenland, Ice Unlocks Climate Change History

Future Unlikely For Kyoto Climate Treaty
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Michael Bender, Professor of Geosciences participates in Antarctica research project. Old Ice: Climate Record from Last 2.5 Million Years May Sit at the Surface of Allan Hills

CMI's Advisory Council Member Michael A. Levi authors piece entitled "Copenhagen's Inconvenient Truth"

Sharing Global CO2 Emission Reductions Among One Billion High Emitters

Carbon Mitigation Initiative Launches Redesigned Website

Sigman, Zoli Win MacArthur 'Genius Grants'

Refitted to Bury Emissions, Plant Draws Attention
The world watches a coal-fired power plant's effort to capture and bury some of the carbon dioxide it creates.

Princeton Awarded More Than $17 Million in Recovery Act Funding

Three Ways Climate Action Offers a Business Advantage

Kerry: Health Care Debate "Flexes Muscles" for Climate Change Bill
Michael Oppenheimer discusses the challenges faced by the Senate to pass Climate Change Bill prior to Copenhagen meeting in December

Climate-Control Plans Scrutinized: The Royal Society Reviews Options for Fighting Global Warming with Geoengineering (PDF Report)

Better Sharing of CO2 Emissions Targets

"Sharing Global CO2 Emission Reductions Among One Billion High Emitters" (PDF) Makes Top 10 of 30 Most-Read Papers Online During the Month of July 2009

A New Growth Industry? Biochar Could Enrich Soils and Cut Greenhouse Gases as Well

DOE Selects Projects to Monitor and Evaluate Geologic CO2 Storage

Invasive Weeds Grow with Global Warming

Report Maps the Future of U.S. Energy Technology (full citation, PDF Report)

Geoengineering to Mitigate Global Warming May Cause Other Environmental Harm

Geoengineering Schemes Under Scrutiny

Climate Engineering Responses to Climate Emergencies (PDF)

Actions Taken Over the Next Decade to Demonstrate and Deploy Key Technologies Will Determine U.S. Energy Future

Making Beneficial Biofuels: The Food, Energy and Environment Trilemma

Biofuels 'Done Right' Can Curb Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Provide Other Benefits (full citation)

Four Reasons to Use Cap-and-Trade to Fight Global Warming

New Princeton Method May Help Allocate Carbon Emissions Responsibility Among Nations (full citation)

Scientists Urge G8 to Take 'Strong' Action on Climate Change

Maeder Fund to Promote Innovation in Energy and Environment Research

The Carbon Clock (video)

Ideas Festival Kickoff: Opening "Big Ideas" Session

Socolow to Receive Frank Kreith Energy Award

Brinkman Confirmed as Director of DOE's Office of Science

Princeton University Scientists Propose Unique Approach to Co-Processing Coal and Biomass

Deutsche Bank Launches World's First Real-Time Carbon Counter That Displays Greenhouse Gases in the Atmosphere

Debenedetti Does Entertaining Science at Cornelia Street Cafe

The "Wedges" Concept Acknowledged as Important Contribution from Princeton Faculty at 2009 President's Commencement Remarks

Fuels from Coal and Biomass Could Impact U.S. Oil Dependence, But Significant Technological Investments Are Still Needed

Princeton to Receive $20 Million to Establish Energy Frontier Research Center

Forget the Freezer: Research Suggests Novel Way to Control Water Behavior

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