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2010 News Articles

The Toughest Job in the World? The IPCC Seeks its First Communications Chief

Michael Oppenheimer Delivers American Geophysical Union's First Stephen Schneider Lecture

Michael Oppenheimer tells Earth Researchers to Speak Out

What Cancun Means

Climate Change Math in Treaties Flawed by Suspect Calculations

University Receives $11 Million from BP

Princeton's Carbon Mitigation Initiative Receives $11 Million through Extended Partnership with BP

Scientists Join Forces in a Hostile Climate

Study Suggests that Decarbonizing U.S. Transport Sector by Converting Waste CO2 to Fuels Would Require Economical Air-Capture of CO2

Uncertainity Over Sea-Level Predictions Makes Planning for Change Difficult but No Excuse for Inaction, says Oppenheimer

Morel and Sarmiento Receive NSF Grants to Study Effects of Ocean Acidification

Michael Oppenheimer gives Briefing in Washington, D.C. on Extreme Weather in a Warming World (PDF)

Michael Oppenheimer Receives Heinz Award for Assessing the Impacts of Global Warming and Air Pollution, and Working for Policies to Prevent Future Harm (Press Release PDF)

What Can We do About Global Warming?

Program Trains Scientists to Develop Future Fuels and Engines

Balancing an Emissions Budget (Listen Now!)

Deep Blue Oceans Spawn Fewer Tropical Storms (full citation)

Climate Change: Helping Nature Survive the Human Response (full citation)

Why a Less Futuristic 'FutureGen' Coal Plant May Not Be Bad

The Hottest Summer Ever

Apple Valley-Based Software Startup Wins DOE Funding for Carbon-Sequestration Software

American Chemical Society to Hold Forum on Climate Change on August 23

Princeton Study Links Climate Change, Crop Yields and Cross-Border Migration

Socolow Honored for Environmental Achievement

Levin and Pacala to Receive Ecological Research Awards

Danny Sigman publishes Nature review article on the role of the Southern Ocean in Driving Glacial/Interglacial Changes in Atmospheric CO2 Concentration (full citation)

Are Climate Skeptics Lousy Scientists?

In (Qualified) Praise of Utility-Only Cap-and-Trade

Obama's Low-Octane Energy Message

Gasbags: Politicians, Oilmen, and Green-Energy Boosters Love to Invoke the Idea of Energy Security. None of Them Know What They're Talking About.

Will the New Climate Bill Damage U.S. Energy Security?

Gulf Oil Spill: Global Implications

Is Gulf Oil Headed For The East Coast? A New Simulation Says: Maybe

Profile: Spring 2010 BP-Vann Visiting Fellow

Faculty in Princeton and Norway Collaborate to Teach Innovative Carbon Capture and Sequestration Course

Obama Sketches Energy Plan in Oil

Could a Recent CCS Study Really Be Right?

Energy Is Focus of 'Art of Science' Exhibition

Debating Climate Data

The Silver Lining in the Climate Bill Cloud

In Memoriam: The "Linked Fee"

CO2 Emissions Causing Ocean Acidification to Progress at Unprecedented Rate

Nine Named Fellows of American Academy of Arts and Sciences

What Causes the North Atlantic Plankton Bloom?

Impossibility of Nuclear Security

Chinese Renewables Aren't Growing Faster Than Coal

U.S. Nuclear Posture's New Priorities

What New Offshore Drilling Will Yield

Geoengineers Get the Fear: Researchers Fail to Come up with Clear Guidelines for Experiments that Change the Planet's Climate

Scientists Call for 'Climate Intervention' Research With 'Humility'

How to Improve Monitoring of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Polls and Media Reports Exaggerate Climate Change Backlash, Says Stanford Polling Expert

Better Estimates of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Needed to Monitor, Verify International Climate Treaties; Strategic Investments Could Improve Reporting Within Five Years

Daniel Sigman on Learning About our Climate's Future from Past Ice Ages
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Outside Science Academies to Review Warming Panel

Michael Oppenheimer Explains the Science of Climate Change

U.N. Describes Risks of Inaction on Climate Change

US Senate's Top Climate Sceptic Accused of Waging 'McCarthyite Witch-Hunt'

The Tough New IAEA Line on Iran

Carbon Mitigation Initiative Hosted 9th Annual Meeting Feb. 9-10, 2010

The Oceans and Iron: A Quick Fix or Heavy Metal Siren Song?

Princeton: Rising Seas Projected by PU Scientist

Daniel Sigman on Ocean Algae and Global Cooling
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Oppenheimer Talks About Climate Challenges, Globally and Locally

IPCC Scientists On The Defensive As Sceptics Step Up Assault

China Insists That Its Steps on Climate Be Voluntary

The Tricky Path to U.S. Revival

From Inside and Out, Climate Panel Is Pushed to Change

Three Steps to Reducing Nuclear Terrorism

Studies Predict Fewer but Stronger Hurricanes

Sloppy Mistake on Glacier Disappearance Chills U.N. Climate Panel

Rising Ocean Acidity May Deplete Vital Phytoplankton (full citation)

Looking Ahead From Copenhagen: How Challenging is the Chinese Carbon Intensity Target?

A Once-Dark Polaroid Factory Goes Green
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