Carbon Mitigation Initiative

2013 News Articles

Even if Emissions Stop, Carbon Dioxide Could Warm Earth for Centuries

Jorge Sarmiento Explores Southern Ocean Patterns

Without Plants, Earth Would Cook Under Billions of Tons of Additional Carbon

Michael Oppenheimer discusses Fifth Assessment Report Released by the IPCC on Global Warming

Oppenheimer Washington Post Opinion: The Real Effects of Global Warming

Tropical Forest Carbon Absorption May Hinge on an Odd Couple

New Book by Michael Bender - Paleoclimate

MSNBC Video: Michael Oppenheimer on Public Perception and Realities of Climate Change

Princeton Environmental Institute Places Second in Global Climate Think Tank Ranking

Migrating animals add new depth to how the ocean “breathes” (Nature Geoscience)

Oppenheimer Co-authors Washington Post Opinion on Climate Science

Climatic Change Special Issue: Science and Policy of Negative Emission Technologies

Carbon Mitigation Initiative Held 12th Annual Meeting on April 16-17, 2013

Princeton Names Debenedetti Dean for Research

'A Better Path' Toward Projecting, Planning for Rising Seas on a Warmer Earth

Princeton-Fung Global Forum Sparks International Focus on 'The Future of the City'

Professor François Morel Awarded Carnegie Mellon Dickson Prize

Spring May Come Earlier to North American Forests

Doomsday Clock Remains at Five Minutes to Midnight

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