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This page contains links to news articles covering research conducted by CMI faculty, staff researchers, graduate students and members of the Advisory Council.

Soil’s Large Carbon Stores Could Be Freed by Increased CO2, Plant Growth

With an Extension of Financial Support from BP, Princeton’s Carbon Mitigation Initiative Now to Run to 2020

Glaser Named a 2014 Global Thinker by Foreign Policy Magazine

Fall Foliage Season May be Later, but Longer on Warmer Earth

Southern Ocean's Role in Climate Regulation, Ocean Health Is Goal of $21 Million Federal Grant

Project Selected for Safe and Permanent Geologic Storage of Carbon Dioxide

Coal's Continued Dominance of Global Industrialization Must Be Made More Vivid in Climate Change Accounting

With Climate Change, Heat More Than Natural Disasters Will Drive People Away

2014 Water Innovation and Research Summit

Familiar Yet Strange: Water's 'Split Personality' Revealed by Computer Model

IPCC Needs Greater Transparency, Oppenheimer Tells Committee on Science, Space, and Technology

$780,000 Awarded for Innovative Research, Teaching, and Mentorship in Energy and the Environment

Public Interest in Climate Change Unshaken by Scandal, but Unstirred by Science

The 13th Climate Mitigation Initiative Annual Meeting

FACULTY HONOR: Socolow Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Carbon Mitigation Initiative News - Winter 2014

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