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This page contains links to news articles covering research conducted by CMI faculty, staff researchers, graduate students and members of the Advisory Council.

Birth of a storm in the Arabian Sea validates climate model

Versatile printing technology builds, erases ultra-tiny structures

Gabriel Vecchi: Is climate change making hurricanes worse?

Robert Socolow: Welcome to the solar distillate

Record-shattering 2.7-million-year-old ice core reveals start of the ice ages

Developing a research agenda for carbon dioxide removal and reliable sequestration

New PEI director Michael Celia plans to build on Institute's strengths, expand reach

Vecchi receives 2017 AGU Ascent Award

Civil society: Needed more than ever

In 'The Environmental Nexus,' students explore the many paths to saving the planet

Princeton researchers visit Texas wind farm for a first-hand look at growing energy sector

New model helps predict regional and seasonal sea ice extent

‘A Bee, a Tree, What’s In It For Me?’ Class examines environmental policy

Baker, 61st U.S. Secretary of State, calls for conservative action on looming climate crisis

Princeton-CMI Annual Meeting Focuses on Climate Research, Innovation, and Policy

Geological storage of captured carbon dioxide as a large-scale carbon mitigation option

Symposium to Celebrate the Career of Robert Williams

Rapid Emergence of Climate Change in Environmental Drivers of Marine Ecosystems

Forecast: a Podcast About Climate Science and Climate Scientists

Climate Change to Alter Global Pattern of Mild Weather

Giant Middle East Dust Storm Caused by a Changing Climate, Not Human Conflict

Tree-Bark Thickness Indicates Fire-Resistance in a Hotter Future

The Fire Through the Smoke: Working for Transparency in Climate Projections

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