Carbon Mitigation Initiative

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This page contains links to news articles covering research conducted by CMI faculty, staff researchers, graduate students and members of the Advisory Council.

Upcoming UN Climate Summit Can't Overlook China's Support of Global Coal Power

FACULTY AWARD: Debenedetti Named APS Fellow

How to Curb Emissions? Put a Price on Carbon

Study Calculates the Speed of Ice Formation

After Extreme Drought, Forests Take Years to Rebuild CO2 Storage Capacity

The Carbon Brief Interview: Syukuro Manabe

China Holds Key to India’s Energy Future

Million Year-Old Ice Holds Answers to Climate Record

Reshaping Mountains in the Human Mind to Save Species Facing Climate Change

The 14th Carbon Mitigation Initiative Annual Meeting

Battery Bounce Test Often Bounces Off Target

Will Tropical Forests Continue to Store Carbon?

Socolow’s “Commitment Accounting of CO2 Emissions” Featured in ELR’s 2014 Top 25 Highlights

Frontier Beneath Our Feet: Seismic Study Aims to Map Earth's Interior in 3-D

SOCCOM News - Winter 2015

PEI’s Climate Futures Initiative Presents 2015 Spring Seminar Series

New Leadership Appointed to the Princeton Environmental Institute

Upwelling in the Southern Ocean

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