BP Antarctica Expedition

BP Antarctica expedition

Pictured from left: CMI's Pascale Maloof Poussart, Assistant Director, Energy Initiatives and Tom Kreutz, Energy Systems Modeler, CMI on a clear day sailing the western side of the Antarctic Peninsula.


BP Antartica Expedition ship

View from the bridge of the Akademik Ioffe.


BP Antartica expedition raft

Zodiac outing.


In March 2009, BP sponsored a student expedition to Antarctica led by the polar explorer Robert Swan, founder of the organization 2041.

The expedition aimed to inspire a young generation of talented students on issues related to climate and energy. A total of 60 students from 20 countries and 30 universities took part in the expedition.

CMI's Tom Kreutz and Pascale Maloof Poussart joined the expedition as part of a team of experts and facilitators to lead discussions on the challenges posed by climate change.

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