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Kate Hadley Baker

Kate Hadley Baker

Kate Hadley Baker, Director, Reservoir and Wells Technology BP. BSc, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Geology, 1971. PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Geophysics, 1975.

Current Research Interests

Special projects at the intersection of drilling and subsurface characterization reducing geoscience-related drilling non-productive time; promoting organizational capability in well planning, geomechanics, site investigation and spatial positioning integrity assurance; and take-up of standardized technical practices to reduce major accident risk associated with geoscience-led E&P activities.

Teaching Activities at Princeton - Fall 2009

ENV 531 / CEE 583 / GEO 531: Topics in Energy and the Environment: Introduction to Petroleum Engineering

This course provides students with the science and engineering underpinnings to understand the oil and gas components of the world's energy supply mix. We introduce fundamentals of hydrocarbon accumulation, phase behavior of petroleum fluids, fluid flow in porous media, and material balance. Drilling and production operations are overviewed and followed by a focus on primary, improved and enhanced recovery schemes. This provides a platform for examining definitions of reserves and resources, a distinction further clarified when petroleum economics are included. Consideration is given to running safe and environmentally responsible operations. The course concludes with an investigation of the role of oil and gas in the current mix and potential future scenarios.

Undergraduates are encouraged to enroll in this course and must obtain the written consent of the ENV Program to enroll. Any undergraduate student who wishes to enroll in a graduate-level course must now complete a graduate course permission form. Completed forms should be brought to the Office of the Registrar once all required signatures are obtained. All course inquiries may be directed to CMI.

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