Carbon Mitigation Initiative

Carbon Science Group


To chart a course toward stabilizing atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2), scientists must try to quantify the natural carbon cycle's response to changes in climate as well as carbon mitigation efforts.

CMI's Carbon Science Group is increasing understanding of the carbon cycle by constructing observational records of the earth's past and current climate states and integrating them into sophisticated computer models of the earth's system. This combined approach allows scientists to place tighter constraints on simulations of future climate change.

Researchers in the Carbon Science Group collect data from the oceans, the atmosphere, ice cores, and the land biosphere to study how natural sources and sinks of carbon have varied in recent and ancient times, and are developing new modeling tools to improve carbon cycle simulations. The group also studies environmental effects of carbon mitigation strategies, and impacts of global change on the biosphere.

Research in Carbon Science is conducted by the Bender Group, the Hedin Group, the Medvigy Group (Scaling and Coupling of the Atmosphere with Land Ecosystems (SCALE)), the Morel Group, the Pacala Group, and the Sarmiento Group.

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