Carbon Mitigation Initiative

CMI Technology

CMI Technology

CMI Technology studies energy conversion in conjunction with CO2 capture and storage. Capture studies include both biological and fossil fuel inputs. Storage studies emphasize leakage pathways and now also investigate storage in shales. The program on advanced batteries continues.

Research Highlights – At a Glance

Michael Celia: Modeling of CO2 injection in the Marcellus shale formation reveals the need for a very large number of injection wells—approximately 100 additional wells brought online every year—to store CO2 emissions from Pennsylvania’s five largest coal-fired power plants over a 40 year lifetime.

Howard Stone: Theoretical and laboratory-scale models for the characterization of CO2-inspired flow in porous media have led to analytical formulae for ready modeling of leakage in sequestration projects.

Craig Arnold: Correlation between a battery’s electrochemical properties and the mechanical stress of its internal materials provides measurements of its state of charge and state of health, which inform the optimization of battery performance for grid systems and portable applications.

Athanassios Panagiotopoulos, Pablo Debenedetti, and Jeroen Tromp: Molecular-based computational tools for predicting fundamental physical and chemical characteristics of H2O+CO2 and H2O-NaCl binary systems are being developed to help interpret the rational design of CO2 separation processes and long-term CO2 storage in geological formations.

Eric Larson, Robert Williams, and Thomas Kreutz: Analysis of smaller scale systems for the manufacture of low- or negative-carbon synthetic fuels from biomass and from biomass + natural gas feedstocks reveals that, in the presence of a strong carbon mitigation policy, such systems might be competitive at crude oil prices of less than $100 per barrel and would offer the opportunity for fossil fuel providers to exploit more of their fossil fuel reserves under a carbon budget constraint.

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