Carbon Mitigation Initiative

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This page contains links to news articles covering research conducted by CMI faculty, staff researchers, graduate students and members of the Advisory Council.

New Tool Puts a Consistent Value on Experts' Uncertainty on Climate Change Models

Ocean Currents Push Phytoplankton — and Pollution — Around the Globe Faster Than Thought

Trees' Internal Water Pipes Predict Which Species Survive Drought

New Warnings on Rising Seas

Massive Network of Robotic Ocean Probes Gets Smart Upgrade

Princeton Researchers Go to the End of the Earth for the World's Oldest Ice

Interview with Postdoc Gauthier on Plants and Climate Change

FACULTY AWARD: Carter, Celia Elected to National Academy of Engineering

Q&A: Fighting the Zika Virus

Ocean Fertilization Could Be a Zero-Sum Game

In Rainforests, Battle for Sunlight Shapes Forest Structure

Princeton Profiles: Dan Steingart, Exploring Batteries With Creativity

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