Carbon Mitigation Initiative
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Discover different strategies of using today's technologies to take the world off the path toward dramatic climate change.

Carbon Footprint

Sharing Global CO2 Emission Reductions Among One Billion High Emitters

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Science Collects data from the oceans, the atmosphere, ice cores, and the land biosphere to study how natural sources and sinks of carbon have varied in recent and ancient times, and how they will respond to future climatic change.
Technology Studies energy conversion in conjunction with CO2 capture and storage. Capture studies include both biological and fossil fuel inputs. Storage studies emphasize leakage pathways and now also investigate storage in shales. The program on advanced batteries continues.
Integration & Outreach Synthesizes research discoveries and explores the policy implications of carbon mitigation strategies. It also works to communicate issues of carbon and climate to industry, government, NGO's and the general public.

Fourteenth Year Annual Report

Annual Report 20142014 marked another renewal of CMI carrying the program forward through 2020 including a growing component to address climate variability, advancing research in energy conversion with CO2 capture and storage, and introducing new conceptual frameworks to inform climate change policy.


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