Carbon Mitigation Initiative publishes 2021 Annual Report

Kristina Corvin ・ Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

At the beginning of each year, CMI principal investigators and their teams synthesize their latest research into a collection of highlights to showcase ongoing and new programming. In addition to a complete list of last year’s CMI publications, these research highlights comprise the 2021 Annual Report. Released in time for the 2022 Annual Meeting, the Report also reviews important moments from last year’s meeting and names the CMI 2021 best paper awardees for postdoctoral fellows and for doctoral students.

This year’s report features fourteen highlights of CMI research undertaken in 2021, in four broad areas: 1) Net-zero: this work focuses on the US and global transition to net-zero, including policy analysis and modeling scaling up technologies needed to reach this goal; 2) Land-based climate solutions: the Report discusses research on land use to help mitigate anthropogenic climate change; 3) Infrastructure for hydrogen and carbon capture and storage (CCS): the report outlines research on the development and use of these technologies; and 4) Other investigations: scientists and engineers continue exploring important areas in climate and the environment, from ocean deoxygenation to understanding tropical cyclone frequency.