2020: Jane Baldwin
Temporally Compound Heat Wave Events and Global Warming: An Emerging Hazard (PDF)


2019: Kieran Bhatia
Projected Response of Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Intensification in a Global Climate Model (PDF)

bp vice president of carbon solutions (right) presented one of two 2019 CMI Best Paper Awards to former Princeton Postdoctoral research fellow Kieran Bhatia (center). Bhatia’s former advisor Gabrial Vecchi, professor of geosciences, joined in the presentation. (Photo by Sameer A. Kahn/Fotobuddy)

2019: Brandon Reichl
A simplified energetics based planetary boundary layer (ePBL) approach for ocean climate simulations (PDF)

A second 2019 CMI Best Paper Award was presented by Hill to Princeton postdoctoral research associate Brandon Reichl (center). Reichl’s former advisor, Elena Shevlioakova, a physical scientist and senior climate modeler, also participated in the presentation. (Photo by Sameer A. Kahn/Fotobuddy)

2018: Greeshma Gadikota
Hydrophobic Solvation of Gases (CO2, CH4, H2, Noble Gases) in Clay Interlayer Nanopores (PDF)

Senior vice president of bp America, Cindy Yeilding, presented the 2018 CMI Best Paper Award to postdoctoral research fellow Greeshma Gadikota. Gadikota’s former advisor Ian Bourg, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering, and Robert Socolow, CMI co-director and professor emeritus and senior research scholar with the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, joined in the presentation. (Photo by Holly Welles, Carbon Mitigation Initiative)

2017: Bhargav Rallabandi
Wind-Driven Formation of Ice Bridges in Straits (PDF)

From left to right: bp’s chief scientist and head of technology, Angela Strank; Bhargav Rallabandi, recipient of the 2017 CMI Best Paper award for Postdoctoral Fellows; and Rallabandi’s co-advisors Howard Stone, CMI principal investigator, and Michael Winton, research scientist at the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory. (Photo by PEI staff)

2016: Caroline Farrior
Dominance of the suppressed: Power-law size structure in tropical forests (PDF)

Figure 1.1.2. Former CMI postdoctoral fellow Caroline Farrior was presented with the 2016 CMI Best Paper Award by Gardiner Hill, Director of Carbon Solutions, during a ceremony this past February. Farrior, who worked in Stephen Pacala’s lab, was selected for her paper “Dominance of the suppressed: Power-law size structure in tropical forests” in recognition of the important finding that commonalities among tropical forests in their structure are due to simple and biologically intuitive mechanisms. The paper was published in the journal Science in early 2016.

2015: Zhong Zheng
Flow Regimes for Fluid Injection Into a Confined Porous Medium (PDF)

From left to right: Zheng Li of Tsinghua University and former advisor of the 2015 CMI Best Paper Award recipient, Zhong Zheng (center); Howard Stone, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering (center left); Felipe Bayon, senior vice president of bp America (center right); and Robert Socolow, professor emeritus of mechanical and aerospace engineering and co-director of CMI (right). (Photo: Frank Wojciechowski)

2014: Thomas Frölicher and Sarah Batterman
Continued Global Warming After CO2 Emissions Stoppage (PDF)
Key Role of Symbiotic Dinitrogen Fixation in Tropical Forest Secondary Succession (PDF)

From left to right: Thomas Frölicher, recipient of 2014 CMI Best Paper Award for Postdoctoral Research Fellows; Ellen Williams, chief scientist at bp; and Sarah Batterman, also a recipient of the 2014 CMI Best Paper Award for Postdoctoral Research Fellow. (Photo: Frank Wojciechowski)

2013: Gennady Gor
Effects of Thermal Stresses on Caprock Integrity During CO2 Storage

From left to right: Robert Socolow, co-director of CMI Policy and Integration Group and professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering; Ellen Williams, chief scientist, bp; Gennady Gor, recipient of the 2013 CMI Best Paper Award for Postdoctoral Fellows; and Jean-Hervé Prévost, professor of civil and environmental engineering. (Photo: Frank Wojciechowski)

2012: Claudie Beaulieu
Identification and Characterization of Abrupt Changes in the Land Uptake of Carbon

From left to right: Jorge Sarmiento, professor of geosciences, Claudie Beaulieu, recipient of the 2012 CMI Best Paper Award for Postdoctoral Fellows, and Ellen Williams, chief scientist, bp (Photo: Frank Wojciechowski)

2011: Guangjian Liu
Making Fischer-Tropsch Fuels and Electricity from Coal and Biomass: Performance and Cost Analysis

Ellen Williams, Chief Scientist at bp presenting the 2011 CMI Best Paper Award to Professor Zheng Li of Tsinghua University, accepting on behalf of award recipient Dr. Guangjian Liu. (Photo: Andrew Wilkinson)

2010: Shoibal Chakrovarty Massimo Tavoni
Sharing Global CO2 Emission Reductions Among One Billion High Emitters

Shoibal Chakravarty receiving the CMI Best Paper Award from Lamar McKay. (Photo: Denise Applewhite)