Wedge Summary Table

Category Technology Electricity Fuel Heat Sink
Efficiency Efficient Vehicles X
Reduced Use of Vehicles X
Efficient Buildings X X X
Efficient Baseload Coal Plants X
Decarbonization Of Power Gas Baseload Power for Coal Baseload Power X
Capture CO2 at Baseload Power Plant X
Nuclear Power for Coal Power X
Wind Power for Coal Power X
PV Power For Coal Power X
Decarbonization of Fuel Capture CO2 at H2 Plant X
Capture CO2 at Coal-To-Synfuels Plant X
Wind H2 in Fuel-Cell Car for Gasoline in Hybrid Car X
Biomass Fuel for Fossil Fuel X
Forests and Agricultural Soils Reduced Deforestation, Plus Reforestation, Afforestation, and New Plantations X
Conservation Tillage X


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