The Carbon Mitigation Initiative (CMI) at Princeton University is a university-industry partnership sponsored by bp that began in 2000. The goal of the initiative is to lead the way to a compelling and sustainable solution to the carbon and climate change problem. 2015 concludes the first 15 years of the CMI program and marks the transition to the second renewal that will carry the program forward through 2020.

Interaction between Princeton and bp this year has been more extensive than in previous years. At bp’s request, Princeton researchers spent several days in conversations with senior bp leaders, first in London in May and then in Houston in September. The two-day CMI annual meeting in Princeton attracted more bp participation than in any prior year. There were numerous teleconferences.

This thread of high-level and close interaction continues into 2016 as preparations are underway for Princeton to host the CMI annual meeting at bp’s headquarters in London—the first time in CMI’s 16-year history that the meeting has not been in Princeton. Holding the annual meeting in London creates opportunities for deeper involvement of bp with Princeton’s program and suggests an increased determination on bp’s part to pay attention to climate change.

The hallmark of CMI’s research is connectivity across science, technology, and policy to offer an integrated assessment of Earth system science, carbon mitigation options, and societal responses. A major component of the next five years is a concerted effort to enhance integration and outreach and to provide sound information about climate science that will enable effective public policy discussions.

The CMI program currently includes approximately 14 lead faculty and more than 50 research staff and students at Princeton. In 2015, CMI was restructured to form three research work groups: Science, Technology, and Integration and Outreach.


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